Fountain Party Kegs

Having a gathering at home? Or having a party? Maybe a function?

Consider having our party kegs for your event and enjoy what you can if you are right here at Fountain's restaurant!

  • Fresh Start Lager


    The most popular style of beer around the world. Chances are you’ve had one before, but perhaps none like this one. The Fresh Start lager is not your usual suspect. Unapologetically dry-hopped for that rich aroma, but also cool and crispy like a lager should be.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

  • White Wash Weizen


    A German staple of the highest order, wheat beer comes in so many delicious variations that we just can’t begin to list them all. The White Wash is full of summer, mildly aromatic - fresh and fruity in all the right places. The perfect companion for an afternoon tryst.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

  • Dark Spring Dunkel


    The dark side never felt so inviting. Bold and enigmatic, with a powerful aroma of coffee, chocolate and caramel. The Dark Spring dunkel is heavily roasted and full of confidence. A small sip will wake you up

    - to a different idea of what a beer can be.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

  • Deep Soul IPA

    India Pale Ale

    Developed in England around 1840 for the purpose of export to India, these ales are by tradition, highly hopped and generously alcoholic. This Deep Soul is no exception - the rich bronze colour is itself a glimpse into a world of passion and pride.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

  • New Leaf Pandan Lager

    Pandan Lager

    The Pandan leaf is gently fragrant, and intertwined with Singaporean tradition. This botanical icon is also known as “screwpine” and is widely used in the kitchen. We’ve transformed it into a lager, as a little experiment - in flavour that is. The amazing colours are just a bonus.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

  • Blood Line Cherry Lager

    Cherry Lager

    If you flavour a beer with a bucketful of passion, this is what it you get

    - a wonderful invitation to feel alive. Crimson and scorching, the Blood Line is a beautiful reminder that life is yours. Live it. Love it. Drink it.

    Party Keg 8L ($96)
    24 Bottle ($192) - $8 per bottle

Our Craft Beer

Bold By Tradition | Pure by Craft

»» 30 years of experience ««
»» Recipes from the oldest German brewing traditions ««
»» Crowd favourite across South East Asia ««
»» Brewed in unique flavour variations ««
»» Authentic Expression of the Craft and Dedication ««
»» No artificial preservatives, colouring or flavouring ««

Beer like it should be. Bold and pure.

Where is Fountain Microbrewery?

21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Level 2 Snow City Jurong Village, Singapore 609433.

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